Skyrocket Your E-Commerce Sales: Drop Shadow Creation Services

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Shadows are the reflection of the objects. A single light source can create a shadow behind the targeted object. It makes the object more realistic. E-commerce products need to attract customers to increase sales. A plain product image may catch a thousand attentions. But, an image with drop shadow will catch more than a thousand eyes within a short time. However, professional companies are now offering drop shadow creation services to boost e-commerce sales. It also generates a 3D effect which is customer-friendly.

E-commerce product photo drop shadow services.

E-commerce product photo drop shadow services.

Drop shadow: what is it actually?

Darkness only occurs when the light cannot pass through an object. And this darkness generates a shadow behind the object. It’s simple physics.

Well, there are certain types of shadows. Drop shadow is one of them.

Drop shadow is an effect which looks like the object is raised above the surface slightly. It shapes like the main object. It increases the beauty of the image. It also makes the photo more realistic and attractive.

Shoes background remove and shadow creation services.

Shoes background remove and shadow creation services.

Importance of Drop Shadow in E-Commerce

Drop shadow; on average; increases the beauty of the photo. An e-commerce product photo or whatever it is, you cannot deny the look it adds to the subject.

E-commerce product photos are meant to be eye-catchy. The photo is the only medium of customer conversion and here lies the importance of editing e-commerce photos.

Research shows that an e-commerce product attracts 68% more customers when a drop shadow is visible behind it. So, what’s your stand?

You cannot deny the fact that you want to make more sales. You are an online retailer and your sole intention is to make more revenues through product sales. Drop shadow making services can enhance the overall beauty of your product photos.

Generally, you need a clear background to make drop shadows. So, you have to ensure a clear background first. Then you need to remove flaws from the photo. Otherwise, your photos won’t reflect properly if you think about the real scenario. Moreover, flawless photos will add certain benefits to your online business. People, in general, like to see clean photos when they decide to purchase online. It also increases the reputation of your website.

So, think hard here. Go through the upper paragraph again. You will notice several benefits of drop shadow there. Let’s summarize them all again. If you apply a drop shadow to your product image, then you will have to make your images-

  • Clear
  • Sharper
  • Brighter

Now, doesn’t a clear, sharper, and brighter image attract more customers than the usual?

The answer is yes. Automatically it will increase your sales. You can grow your business further if you have more regular sales.

For product photographers, drop shadow also works like magic. E-commerce clients prefer photos with drop shadows. So, if you can provide your clients with product photos with drop shadow, you can get more customers.

Ladies heel shoes drop shadow making services.

Ladies heel shoes drop shadow making services.

Dos and Don’ts in Adding a Drop Shadow

Always keep your main object above its shadow. Make the shadow exactly the way it will look like in real life. Keep a balance between your shadow and your main product. Make your photos look crystal clear before applying drop shadows to them. Keep the level of darkness optimum when you add an artificial shadow.

Do not raise your main product too much above the surface level. Do not make the shadow too dark unless it is relevant. Always create a shadow just in the opposite direction of the light source. Otherwise, it won’t be logical. Again, don’t prolong the shadows more than necessary.

To sum up,

Drop shadow creation services are essential for increasing e-commerce sales. It also makes the photo look lucrative to the customers. It adds a 3D effect on the photo which works as a good click-bait item.

However, if you want to divert more customers to your e-commerce sites, drop shadow adding services are a must for you. Make your photos look more appealing through this service. Increase your overall sales and ensure business growth within the shortest possible time from the professional drop shadow creation services.

Product photo drop shadow creation services.

Product photo drop shadow creation services.

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